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We offer the following treatments to our patients:

Gentle Precise Chiropractic Adjustments
Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy
Fascial Movement Taping (FMT)

Gentle Precise Chiropractic Adjustments

The primary job of the doctor of chiropractic is to detect, reduce, and help prevent the Vertebral Subluxation Complex using chiropractic adjustments.  Applying a carefully and precisely directed pressure to the spine in a quick manner by hand or occasionally using a special instrument, the doctor of chiropractic is able to restore normal motion and function to the spine, thereby reducing or eliminating the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.  Adjustments can be safely used throughout life from birth to old age.

The "Golden Rule" in our practice is that treatment must be as pleasant as the relief experienced.  We take pride in administering precise and gentle corrective movements.  Most chiropractic treatment is called "adjusting" and is done by hand.

Dr. Helle Leap also uses a tool called an "Activator" to adjust her patients. It is just another "tool in the toolbox". People and patients are not alike and everyone require their own unique treatment protocol. Dr. Leap believes it is very important not to provide the same treatment to everyone but rather be able to put together the treatment regime that works best for each individual person. 

Massage Therapy

Chantal is our wonderful Certified Massage Therapist on staff.  She is here to help you reduce those stressed out muscles. Get ½ hour or 1 hour massage before your chiropractic treatment. This will help reduce stress and muscle tension. Getting a massage before your treatment, often help Dr. Leap and many times you will get a better adjustment, when you receive a massage beforehand. 

I do not believe massage therapy is a luxury, but rather a medical necessity. Just think what a better world we would have it everyone got a massage once a week.

Physical Therapy

We have many different physical therapy modalities available such as ultrasound, interferential therapy, electric stimulation, ice and traction.

Our web-based exercise program is very unique and provides you the patient with easy to follow exercise instructions. If you are not comfortable using the computer, we will be more than happy to print the exercises instructions for you.

Fascial Movement Taping (FMT)

You might have noticed that a lot of high performance athletes are wearing bright-multicolored tape when they perform. Did you see Kerry Walsh and Misty May when they won their third Olympic Gold in Beach Volleyball in London in 2012? They were wearing tape on their shoulder in order to improve their performance. Rest assured that there are no way these women would wear anything that would limit their ability to perform. 10 years ago we would tape in order to limit mobility. Today we tape in order to improve mobility and function.

Taping is not just for athletes. When you are hurting, taping often will reduce your pain and improve your mobility. If you need postural correction, taping will help you as well.

Welcome to Valley Chiropractic
Dr. Helle Leap

3D Spine Simulator

 3D Spine Simulator

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